Foods of Animal and Vegetable Origin: Alternatives in the Kitchen

Of all the classifications that we can find in the world of cooking, differentiating food of animal and vegetable origin is the most basic. Plant-based foods are all those that grow directly from the ground (fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals, for example), while foods of animal origin come, as the name suggests, from animals (eg meat). , fish, milk and its derivatives).

Do you want to know some tricks to cook certain dishes of the day without resorting to foods of animal origin? Very simple: there are vegetable alternatives of composition, consistency or texture similar to those of some products of animal origin that allow them to be replaced.

Food of animal and vegetable origin: take note of the following substitutes!

Finding alternatives to foods of animal origin is not only interesting for vegetarians and vegans, but also for people allergic to eggs, shellfish, fish or lactose intolerant. And let's not forget those people who can not eat fat or who have to lower their cholesterol levels. In short, we talk about a healthy diet that prioritizes foods of vegetable origin over those of animal origin, for whatever reason. Take note of the following alternatives of plant origin that we propose for the most common animal products in our kitchen.

Meat or fish substitutes

The market is increasingly adapted to our preferences, and that is why we can easily find many products for vegans and vegetarians. But that does not mean that these products are always good, so we will have to read the labels well to check their ingredients and their origin.

The seitan (prepared based on wheat protein), the TVP, the tofu (soybean derivative), the legumes and cereals are perfect substitutes meat and fish. We can consume them as they are commercialized, but the best of all is that they are very versatile: you can make hamburgers, mix them among them, you can add seeds, nuts and vegetables ... Creativity to power! The mixture of flavors is very interesting and, in addition, they are foods that have a great nutritional value.

Sausage substitutes

There is vegan sausage and you can prepare it yourself at home . You can also buy it already prepared although it is usually processed not recommended, so here are some alternatives to prepare other delicious toasts and sandwiches:

Toast with cream of nuts and fruit.

Toast with hummus (cream of chickpea puree) or avocado (well smeared or cut directly on a little tomato with olive oil).

Toast with peanut butter and banana.

Snack of hummus or guacamole (as a sauce) with fresh vegetables (sautéed or grilled).

Hummus and arugula sandwich.

Sandwich with eggplant and roasted pepper.

The combinations for the fillings are endless! Try almost any vegetable food, or make creams with them.

Egg substitutes

The egg can be replaced by different ingredients of vegetable origin. In fact, even if it's hard to believe, you can even prepare omelette without eggs! To achieve a consistency similar to that of the egg, mix water with flour or leave seeds (chia, sesame or flax, for example) in water. In the case of desserts and cakes, the egg can be substituted for fruit purees or nuts.

Dairy substitutes

It is not entirely correct to speak of vegetable "milks", since the origin of milk is animal and these drinks are extracted from different foods of vegetable origin. In any case, vegetable drinks are the most recurrent alternative to milk. Depending on the ingredient of the chosen vegetable drink, its properties and taste are different: cereal drinks (rice, spelled or oats), for example, are richer in sugars, while those of nuts (almond, for example), they are in fats. These vegetable drinks can also be used as cream for cooking .

As for yogurts and vegan cheeses, you have to be very careful because not all those found in the market are healthy. A good way to replace the cheese is to use brewer's yeast or nutritional yeast , as its texture and taste are very similar to those of the cured cheese.

Butter substitutes

Butter is also a product of animal origin, and as a more direct and traditional substitute are margarines, an option that is made from the emulsion of water and vegetable oils. Even so, it is a highly processed product, since in order to achieve this emulsion the fat must be hydrogenated, which gives rise to the so-called trans fatty acids, which are harmful to health. Normally, the industry eliminates these fatty acids when it produces margarine, but still remains a highly processed product.

How do we get a substitute in this case? With olive oil and puree of nuts or fruits you can get a result very similar to butter.

Substitutes of honey

The vegans and the more strict vegetarians do not include honey in their diet, so the alternative is to replace it with syrups and molasses. But since honey is not a staple food, but is mostly used to sweeten, any other product with similar characteristics made from fruit can provide that sweetness, in addition to other minerals and vitamins.

In short, the spectrum of food is increasingly varied and the goal is also that the food of animal and vegetable origin that we consume is fresh and natural. Although it is very easy to find substitutes for products of animal origin already prepared, pay close attention to what they contain. We do not have to limit ourselves to substitute foods of animal origin for others of vegetable origin, but we have to do it for products that are free of added artificial substances. Prepare at home your vegetable alternatives based on legumes, cereals, fruits, vegetables and nuts ... What are your favorite vegetable substitutes?

Posted on August 09, 2018 at 01:43 PM