Each station has its particular characteristics that modify different aspects of our daily life. One of them is the fashion! In summer, for example, fresh dresses can be seen parading through the streets of the entire country. Already in those cold days, winter coats are simply indispensable!

It's really difficult to choose between the many models available, is not it?

To get right in the choice, nothing better than a classic winter coat option . Check out some of the more traditional and assertive models to rake in the cold!

Want a more classic winter coat than the trench coat ? This is a piece that never goes out of style and lavishes elegance.

No wonder that the model is always present in the scenes of films that involve charming characters in a scenario of cold and rain!

The more traditional tones for trench coat range from beige to caramel and the versatility allows it to be worn with a huge variety of looks underneath. To put it in evidence, try wearing it closed with a black pantyhose and a thick-heeled boot .

The leather jacket is one of those wild pieces in our closet. Despite the rocker footprint and a little more urbanized, it falls well with several styles of compositions, either reinforcing or contrasting the look .

So choose a basic model of this winter coat and enjoy to finish the look warm and stylish. A cowhide boot , also in leather, can cast off with all this composition!

For those cold days, nothing more classic (and hot) than a big, warm overcoat! This winter coat is indispensable for those who live in the coldest regions and, best of all, you can play on almost any look !

The tip is to choose neutral colors and wear a high-top boot to stay well protected!

Plush is another classic of cool days, but the furry winter coat is even more prominent this year.

They are those who, just by looking, already transmit a warmth to our heart. Wearing one of these, then, is guaranteed a warm look and full of cuteness!

A socks boot and pants can be a great combination to give evidence to the plush jacket.

This is a classic piece for all seasons of the year and can compose more serious or even relaxed looks , depending on the combination.

In winter, it can be an ally to, in addition to bringing elegance, leave you well warmed.

For those cooler days, a good combination with the blazer is the also traditional scarpin .

Posted on August 09, 2018 at 01:42 PM