Every year is the same. We promise on New Year's Eve that next year the # project will be completed successfully, but we will soon give up. That's when it does not end before it even starts.

Beyond beauty, physical activity brings real benefits to health. Both physical and mental. Among them are: decreased appetite, improved mood, weight loss, muscle toning, improved immunity, decreased anxiety, among others.

There are several factors that hinder or hinder us in exercising. Have the willpower to wake up early, or cheer up after work. The crazy routine of day to day or even do not like bodybuilding.

The most important thing is that you find something you like and identify yourself with. For, the chances of giving up are much greater when you do something unwillingly.

So we separated some exercise alternatives for all tastes. Let the laziness and the excuses aside, give a foothold in the sedentary lifestyle and come with us being fitness muse.

Obs .: Always look for accompaniment and professional guidance.


What woman did not want to be a dancer as a child?

The mode that intercalates classic ballet movements with aerobic exercises has been very successful because it helps to define the muscles, improves strength, flexibility and body balance.


Thai martial art is the darling of various famous as physical activity.

The movements of the fight cause a great cardiovascular effort and therefore generates a great caloric expenditure. It also works on all parts of the body, as well as improving physical conditioning, motor coordination, agility and flexibility.

Not to mention its efficiency in stress relief. Nothing like giving a good punch and kicks to vent the tension.


The method preaches the integration between body and healthy mind for a better organism.

In addition to body aspects such as muscle toning, posture and physical conditioning, flexibility and posture correction. Pilates also deals with the mind of its practitioners, with breathing exercises, stretches and relaxations that relieve anxiety and stress and further expand body awareness.


High intensity interval training is a modality whose goal is to burn calories both during training and in the 24 hours after training.

A great ally to weight loss, activity high intensity exercises in short period of time. Because it is short, training is easily embedded in the routine of everyday life.

The best part is that you can practice at home, there are some training programs available on the internet, including free tutorials.

Posted on August 09, 2018 at 01:41 PM