Travel Blog: 6 Tips to Get Yours!

So you're going to travel and want to share your experiences with friends and family through facebook?

So you're going to travel and want to share your experiences with friends and family through facebook? This is exactly the first step to creating a travel blog, which - when added to quality content - can even become a source of income for your future travels.

These trips will enable you to develop new content essential to loyalty to your reader, so here are 6 tips for you to become a travel blogger. The time now is 06:51 AM. Please note that the booking fee will be charged only at the time of booking and is non-refundable.

1) Content: passion and originality

We are all different, but be sure that what attracts you and the peculiarities in your travels will have a virtual audience with the same affinities.

It does not matter if you are a novelist and value architecture, art and culture, or if you are a trendsetter and travel in search of tastes outside of traditional scripts - on the internet you will find the perfect audience for what you are looking for in documenting, commenting, discussing and share on your trip. Find in one of your passions exactly the novelty that becomes essential for a travel blog.

2) Platform: visibility and audience

Convinced that your job is to report your interests to posterity, you will have to choose the ideal platform to publish your thoughts and your images.

For this, we recommend Blogger , Windows Live Writer or WordPress , but since our tip is aimed at aspiring travel blogs, Posterous is the ideal tool, since you just have to update your blog with a simple email, including your photos and automatically update their own social networks.

3) Development: structure and engagement

Choosing your communication platform, you just need to undermine quality content and document everything that comes to your mind. The tip is to let your imagination take over: if it's not interesting enough for you to remember in a few years, it's probably not interesting to post to your blog right now.

Nothing prevents, however, that you have everything recorded , especially in photos. Pan and post on your blog only what has raised you doubts, which shocked you for some reason or that excited you unexpectedly. Controversial issues, bizarre topics and rare topics are the most common.

4) Report: visual and instigator

A photo camera is essential and the tip is to have a built-in wireless memory card to upload an interesting photo at any time to your phone or tablet and update your blog in a cafe with free internet access.

Each published photo must have an explanatory title. Please also add a question, be it a personal question or a challenge to your readers. This is the best way to promote your posts and interact with your target audience through social networks.

5) Monetization: blog alive and breathing

By continually providing quality content (where your audience will become more and more interested in your upcoming articles, photos, and discussions ), you can already study the possibility of earning extra income in a variety of ways.

Travel bloggers are chartered by airlines and travel agencies. A quality blog will easily be addressed to describe about a product or service. Depending on the professionalization stage in which the blog is, the total number of monthly visits and interactions (be the comments of articles, twitter followers, facebook fans, as well as responses to youtube videos), a blogger can do your site a single source of income .

But this requires time and dedication, in addition, of course, transparency towards readers and assiduity of new information , in order to retain the public even more.

6) Assistance: ABBV and RBBV

We recommend that the incipient blogger joins the Brazilian Association of Travel Blogs and accompanies the discussions along with the Brazilian Network of Travel Bloggers .

The blog is yours and you have freedom of expression to recommend any company or service, but there are good practices to follow that will not only perpetuate the value travel journals have but will also avoid inconvenient constraints, if not an early end .

It all comes down to total transparency with your readers. If you are already an advanced blogger.

Posted on August 07, 2018 at 05:12 PM