When it comes to fashion and style, information is critical. With the Internet it became even easier to access content with fashion tips for everyday life, disseminating trends and consolidating styles. Keeping abreast with the novelties and the different ways of combining pieces is a way to guarantee powerful looks and according to each occasion, respecting the style of each one.

The concern with the look is not exclusive to the female audience: they also love to stay inside the trends and like to know tricks and fashion tips. Depending on the type of clothing, it can be complicated to compose a look, leaving many in doubt about what use. However, to dress like an expert just follow suggestions and valuable tips to raze in production without having too much work.

Here at Damyller you find the best fashion tips on the web, providing inspirations and suggestions for all kinds of occasions and style. If you want to check out the most effective tricks of the fashion universe, you are in the right place! Besides being inside everything that rolls in the world of fashion, you check the latest creations of Damyller. Check out!


The secret to always being well dressed and fashionable is to choose timeless pieces in sober tones and classic cutouts. Certain types of coats, jackets, skirts, pants and shirts never go out of style: investing in these items can save the look and ensure many years of use.

Renewing pieces and reusing them according to trends is fundamental: as fashion is constantly changing, you have to bet on classic clothes. In this way, you will not only save money but will also guarantee beautiful productions and according to the occasion.


Pants tailoring, polo shirt, white button shirt and a basic little black are items that are always on the rise. But there is a type of piece able to solve several types of looks, in a practical and comfortable. These are jeans: different washes, cuts and models are part of the daily lives of millions of men and women.

The jeans are very democratic: it goes well with both plain and stamped pieces. Serves for the ballad, for day to day, to work, for everything! Looks all jeans have been successful since the 80's, however, with models and cuts revisited, more harmonic and modern.


Women love jeans: The endless possibilities of models of pants, skirts, shorts, dresses and shirts allow for various combinations, falling well in all seasons. Jeans are one of the wildest pieces in the collection of women: the available models offer versatility and variety, valuing body shapes and giving style and personality to the look. It is possible to wear a jeans piece with basic, classic or more elaborate items.


In the past, male audiences found few options for modeling jeans. Nowadays they count on different types of pieces (fair, jogger, skinny etc.), varying according to the style of each one and with the occasion. The most successful option of the summer is the classic jeans shorts, easy to match and comfortable. The good old jeans shirt is always high, in different shades and cuts. Options are not lacking: the variety of pieces

Posted on August 07, 2018 at 05:10 PM