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Four colour procedure is utilized to make a photo-like picture for a tshirt or another garments items that were wearable, along with totes, back packs, etc. The four colour procedure is used mainly when a layout includes more than four colours. The method uses the same colours your printer does; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to accomplish a variation in colours and colours that create the photo- effect that is similar.!

Spot color is utilized in most tshirt things for sports wear, every day wear, and usually in logo design. Spot color is a more heavy ink and may be utilized in up to 6-colours before the ink becomes in, or to heavy and uncomfortable to wear designs with more than 6-colours. It is best to make use of the four colour process for tops featuring more than 6-colours.

Our inhouse designs are done to the specifications of the customer. With over 30-years experience in cartooning and graphics, the designs are professionally created using art software like Corel, GIMP, and Paint.net. The art is free for those buying their printed tshirts from OwtChonder, and $25 for individuals wishing to get them printed through another display printing company.

In our store, we've got round-neck Hanes that are 100% cotton t shirts in royal blue, denim forrest green, black, reddish, blue, pink, and baby blue. The tshirts ought to be ordered in the size that is following, as they're cotton often shrink when washed and dried.

Washing teachings are warm or chilly, inside out, and with a wait interval of 48 hours minimum after print. If purchased online, they need to have the ability to be washed promptly when recieved but it is unnecessary. We don't use softly worn, or used tshirts. All are bought new from producer. Our tshirt orders arrive within 2 to 4 business days (if a top must be purchased) with 4-X tops needing a longer wait time. !

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 12:17 AM

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