3 Tips To Keep You Motivated To Stick With Your Exercise Routine

Are you having a hard time sticking to an exercise routine? Do you always find yourself having to start all over again because one way or another you lost your will to stick with the routine?

Sticking to a routine takes a lot of patience and determination. After you have those two, you still have to muster enough motivation to get going. Here are some tips to keep you motivated in order to stick to your routine.

Start Small

Think about the last routine that you were not able to stick to. Determine the reasons why you failed, was it too hard for you? Didn’t you have time? Or were you always forcing yourself to do something that is way off your limits.
Maybe you were never a great runner, and in the first week of training you forced yourself to run 10 miles in a single run. That is too much for a first time. Maybe you will be able to really force yourself for a few days or so, but eventually, your body will give up on you. You’ll find that in some days you won’t want to wake up and train.
To be able to develop a routine, start small. Gradually increase as time goes by, you’ll find it easier.
Mix and match
Another reason why you are probably failing to stick to your routine before is its monotony. Are you someone who gets bored easily? If so, then that could be it. Having to stick to a routine that is old and boring every day of your training life can be dragging for you.
Try mixing up some other routines in your set. If you have an exercise set, do it straight for one week, and then try another set the next week. You can find routines that you can try in fitness sites in the internet.
Doing this will prevent you from being bored. You’ll always have the next week to look forward to when you are getting tired of an exercise. It’s easy to look at the end of the week if you know that you’ll be doing something the next week.
Buddy system
Remember when you were young you had to stick with a ‘buddy’ every time you go on a field trip? Well there are two reasons for that, one is to prevent you from getting lost alone, and two is to test your conscience. You won’t think of doing something bad while your buddy is watching right? She might tell your teacher.
That is basically the same concept why you should have a buddy in your exercise routines. A buddy will take away some boredom and will give you a hard time if you miss a session.
Look for a buddy that has the same goal as you. When you do, set an exercise schedule for the both of you and keep each other’s goals in mind.

Now with these tips, try to set up an exercise routine again. This time, make sure to follow these, I’ll guarantee you you’ll get farther than you have ever gotten before.

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